Обложка книги Under the Sun

Under the Sun

ISBN: 0595328407;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 334

Book DescriptionIn the course of time, the Earth was left behind. Its citizens had fled overpopulation, pollution and other nuisances. Nevertheless, the Universal Authority kept its thumb on the otherwise used-up planet because it did have one thing going for it--an essential chemical that had been cheap as dirt in the old days. In an environment of advanced technology and demoralizing poverty, archaic laws from the days before the universal expansion and haphazard information, adroit businessmen know how to make plenty of extra tender in the black market. One of them has been monitoring the career of the young manager of resources, Alexi Yuraliiv, who works for the Universal Authority. Alexi is soon to be in a position beneficial to the racketeer. Meanwhile, Chephili Chancit, a sincere seditionist, solicits Alexi's aid for her group's overthrow of the Universal Authority. Chephili has a talent for causing trouble but is troubled by her romantic feelings for the manager....

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