Обложка книги Walls of Ice (Forces of Nurture)

Walls of Ice (Forces of Nurture)

ISBN: 1553165381;
Издательство: LTDBooks
Страниц: 298

Jannia Wise is tired of being afraid. Even a year after the death of the man who once left her broken and bleeding on the floor of her own ship, the nightmares, the flashbacks, the fear of all human touch refuse to go away. It?s time for desperate action. But Jannia?s plan to seek sexual healing in the arms of Emarr Dengas, the sensual green-skinned empath and former slave who once saved her life, is complicated almost from the beginning. Complicated by a powerful?andadorable?empathic child he?s somehow adopted since the last time they met. By the sudden reappearance of his former mistress, now the mastermind behind a slavery ring selling women and children off the homeworld Emarr had given up hope of everyseeing again. And, most annoyingly, by Emarr's stubborn refusal to sleep with her.... Sequel to the award-winning Into the Fire !Download DescriptionEven a year after the death of the man who once left Jannia Wise broken and bleeding on...