Обложка книги Who Mourns for Majik: Book One of the Memoirs Trilogy

Who Mourns for Majik: Book One of the Memoirs Trilogy

ISBN: 0595300170;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 474

Book DescriptionTHE SOLDIER. THE LEGEND. THE HUNTED. When he woke up this morning he was just "a" suspect. Suddenly, Terran Defense Directorate operative Daniel Briggs is the "only" suspect. Wanted for questioning in the murder of his ex-wife Anjelica, Daniel plunges headfirst into a quest meant to prove his innocence. What he finds instead are lies stacked upon half-truths and deceit. In the decadent backstreets of Boomtown he begins an epic journey that will lead him into the very bowels of treachery. Armed only with his handicapped paranatural powers and a mind steeled by years of extraterrestrial combat, he combs the shadows of the city?s underbelly in search of the truth, trying desperately to stay one step ahead of those who would stophim from discovering it. With the odds stacked against him, it seems a quest meant to fail from the start. But those who Daniel best, know to fear him, for it is when he?s cornered that he is the most resilient. Will his...