Обложка книги Buried Deep Inside : A Novel of Cyber-Terror

Buried Deep Inside : A Novel of Cyber-Terror

ISBN: 0595361749;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 76

Book DescriptionUsing a small town computer system, the government has planned a strike on itself to keep funding alive. Several friends rely on the resources of their past to put together and solve this sci-fi mystery. ?Yep. Was I dreaming?? Mark asked. ?Did you read the paper?? Sam questioned Mark. ?No. Oh crap don?t tell me.? He replied. ?Homeless man found stabbed to death in War Town. How?s that for a wake up call?? she asked. ?Detectives find evidence at scene. Several footprints and cigarette butt found next to victim!? she screamed back into the phone. ?I thought they didn?t release crap like that! They could have least held their evidence!?