Обложка книги Burn, Revised 2nd Edition

Burn, Revised 2nd Edition

ISBN: 1554042445;
Издательство: Double Dragon Publishing
Страниц: 168

Book DescriptionIn a surreal twenty-first century full of androids, binaries, chip trippers, NewSchool Grrls and Morlocks, black acid rain and StellarNet obsession, we meet Cage, a private detective down on his luck. Kicked off the prestigious Old New York Police Force after having gone up against Expedite, the most powerful computer corporation in the world, he is struggling to make ends meet when fate seems to lend him a helping hand. Fragile Janice Gild comes to him with the story of the death of her brother James, a death so bizarre, Cage can only begin to guess at the method of the gruesome killing, and the motive behind it. Soon Cage's path is littered with the burnt remains of a seemingly unconnected group of people. Only James' ex-girlfriend,the inhumanly lovely Jonny Cache, can shed any light on the victims who have been made to burn....Download DescriptionThe corporate-funded police force of Old New York dropped its investigation into a man's mysterious death by fire....

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