Обложка книги Efflorescence


ISBN: 0595362168;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 138

Book DescriptionUpon starting her new job in the Amazon Rainforest, Ayanna is less than thrilled to find her study of plants to be uneventful. However, when she discovers a path leading to the heart of the jungle, she finds a specimen unlike any other?Dianthe, a rare ?spider-lily??in a splendorous enclosure. This stunning flower leads Ayanna to two men?twins that each have alternative motives for wanting her trust. As the plot unfolds and she learns more about the reasons for thetwins? strange behavior, she discovers that perhaps the plants being studied are no longer harmless creatures under glass, but rather vicious predators using beauty and innocence as a lure into their deadly trap. Written by young author KristynBrandi, Efflorescence is not only a fantastic tale of the interaction between prey and predator on a quest for survival. Rather, it is a look at the bonds formed in dire situations and how trust in others is needed in order to...