Обложка книги Ransom for the Stars : The Last Supra

Ransom for the Stars : The Last Supra

ISBN: 1413776272;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 186

Book Description Bonnie Day had a bellyful of life as Supra 9, a troubleshooter for The Club. She?d walked away from it all, determined never to return. But then, just as she was beginning to enjoy being a private citizen, ambassadors from two warring planets were kidnapped on their way to a peace conference, setting off a galactic emergency that could only be resolved by The Club. Unfortunately, someone had been searching out and killing off all the other Supra troubleshooters, until Bonnie Day found herself pulled back against her will, forced to take on one final assignment, a mission that would lead her through the vast reaches of space that make up the galactic Co-operative and to the very pinnacle of robber baron capitalism.