Обложка книги Saint Stephen's Moon

Saint Stephen's Moon

ISBN: 1413443206;
Издательство: Xlibris Corporation
Страниц: 442

Book DescriptionWho we are persists beyond what we were. St. Stephen?s Moon is a dark thriller. What begins as a pleasure trip to the Holy Land by three Dallas friends becomes entangled with the haunted echoes of a lost world and another traveler. He had come to the Holy Land to defend the faith, but that first night in Jerusalem brought Adrian DeBalliou, the Norman knight, the deepest of sleep and the strangest of dreams. He could not know that in a few eventful months the Battle of Hattin would overtake his life, his loves, the kingdom for which he fought, and turn events eight hundred years into the future. For Hadrian North, a middle-aged commercial pilot from Dallas, this Christmas holiday exploration of the Holy Land is very welcome reprive. His personal fortunes have been in a "power-off" descent for at least three years.For now at least things are upbeat. With him are two lovely thirty-something women, one a close family friend, Diana Donohoe, and the other her secretly! ...