Обложка книги Soothsayer


ISBN: 1932100512;
Издательство: Benbella Books
Страниц: 288

Book Description Mouse, a hard-bitten, cynical woman and professional thief, finds herself in deep trouble when her attempt to rescue a seemingly helpless little girl has potentially deadly consequences in this brilliant and haunting installment of Santiago -inspired adventure. Young Penelope has long had a price on her head, and Carlos Mendoza now knows how she has outwitted her captors—and the awesome powers behind her success. As Carlos moves in for the kill, Mouse is hard-pressed to preserve her life, defend Penelope, and in so doing, save humanity. For Carlos "Iceman" Mendoza, only one thing becomes clear: in a universe of giant men, ruthless bounty hunters, and interstellar war, his greatest fear is this one girl. Download DescriptionA young girl with an interesting form of precognition is pursued from one planet to another as governments and gangsters try to turn her powers into the ultimate war weapon. This is the first volume of a trilogy. The second...