Обложка книги Sunspot


ISBN: 1843500884;
Издательство: Soft Editions Ltd Pod
Страниц: 308

Book DescriptionThe giant Sunspot space station is advertised as the ultimate luxury holiday resort. When completed, it will allow its rich guests to enjoy vacations in the comfort of its computer controlled environment in orbit around the fiery planet of Morasmus. Its sophisticated systems will provide the ultimate in virtual reality entertainment and be capable of responding to each individual guest's preferences, even controlling the conditions within their own personal airspace. The more adventurous will be able to use the resort as a base for exploring the spectacularly beautiful surface of Morasmus, where the violent climate has kept the planet largely uninhabited. Sunspot is nearing completion, the final stage being the transit of its computercontrolled nervous system from the construction site orbiting the neighbouring planet of Pirismus. The project has been hampered by problems and delays from the outset, but a series of mysterious accidents suggests that something more...