Обложка книги The Thor Conspiracy

The Thor Conspiracy

ISBN: 1404185682;
Издательство: Elm Hill Books
Страниц: 336

Book Description It begins in the 1960s-an unimaginable series of political machinations leading to one act of greed and destruction after another, until in the twenty-first century, the world faces a single, global dictator. Behind the takeover is an odd, yet frighteningly effective, alliance of international governments and inner-city gangs. Lining up against the tyrannical forces are three men, each committed to exposing the fifty-year-old conspiracy, and together capable of mounting an undeniably formidable resistance. If they succeed, the world has a chance. If they fail, the world is doomed to the prospect of a "Fourth Reich." The key to the world's future is The Thor Conspiracy . Previously published by Nelson Books, The Thor Conspiracy has sold 50,000 copies.

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