Обложка книги UniTazia : Passage of Homo Universalis

UniTazia : Passage of Homo Universalis

ISBN: 0595342388;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 266

Book Description UniTazia is a gripping chronicle of dedicated pilgrims? perilous journey to establish the first human settlement outside the solar system. Young Stanford physics professor Krishna Karpati, with the help of android brothers Jes and Mo, succeeds in constructing a supernova fusion reactor/rocket suitable for interstellar travel. They receive the Nobel Prize. Starship MayFlower is built on Deimos and departs with a crew of 50 towards Alpha Centauri via the Pluto/Charon system, where 20 stay. They send iceteroids towards Mars to help with its terraforming. On Mars, where thriving domed cities already dot the landscape, water, primitive life forms and alien messages are found inside the magma chambers of Olympus Mons. MayFlower reaches Alpha Proxima in 9 years and finds planetoid UniTazia, which the crew totally enclose to create the cradle of Homo Universalis. On the way, the crew?a colorful group of characters?encounter...

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