Обложка книги The Mammoth Book of Future Cops

The Mammoth Book of Future Cops

ISBN: 078671204X;
Издательство: Carroll & Graf Publishers
Страниц: 544

Book DescriptionThis startling variety of science fiction suggests that as long as there are people there will also be police and criminals. Veteran editor Maxim Jakubowski and collaborator M. Christian have gathered over thirty visions of crime to come.The Mammoth Book of Future Cops features classic and specially commissioned works from such authors as the multi-award-winning Joe Haldeman, hard science scribe Stephen Baxter, crime writer-crossover Richard Paul Russo, dark fantasist China Mieville, steampunk Paul DiFilippo, and many more. Their imaginings range from the highest-tech law enforcement to virtual criminality in cyberspace. In Paul McAuley?s chilling "Prison Dreams" convicts are given implants that monitor their brains?and are punished for illegal thoughts and dreams. "A Scanner Darkly" (soon to be a major motion picture) by Blade Runner?author Philip K. Dick turns the tables on an undercover cop whose computer-enhanced anonymity results in an assignment to...

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