Обложка книги Women Writing Science Fiction As Men (Daw Science Fiction)

Women Writing Science Fiction As Men (Daw Science Fiction)

ISBN: 0756401488;
Издательство: Daw Books
Страниц: 320

Amazon.comWhen an anthology is titled Women Writing Science Fiction as Men , readers expect either stories on the cutting edge of feminist/gender theory, or a tribute to the late James Tiptree, Jr., the female author everyone thought was male. However, the anthology meets neither expectation. It has a different mandate. In his introduction, editor Mike Resnick states, "there is a difference in writing about a male and writing as a male." The all-female contributors were charged towrite "as a male," with "each story...told in the first person of a man, and...if changing the narrator from Victor to Victoria invalidated the story we didn't want it." However, the anthology doesn't follow two-thirds of its own rules. Neither sex "change" nor biosex has had a discernable effect. The narrators tend to hold "traditionally male" jobs like astronaut, cop, soldier, engineer, superspy, and messiah, but females in these roles are hardly unusual (except messiah, a role also...