Обложка книги Cosmic Tales : Adventures in Sol System

Cosmic Tales : Adventures in Sol System

ISBN: 0743488326;
Издательство: Baen
Страниц: 464

Book Description The first wave of space exploration in the 20th century all but ground to a halt, the victim of national and ideological rivalries which had spent themselves, and of politicians who gutted funding for special interests and pork barrel spending. But the universe still beckoned, and many different factors worked to keep the dream of space alive and growing. A generation grew up, knowing that there was nothing impossible about space travel, and wondering why we had gone to the Moon-and thenstopped cold. New propulsion systems, such as solar sails, and more efficient reaction drives were developed, making spaceflight less expensive, taking it away from the exclusive club of government-funded programs. And if the US had lost interest in space, other nations had not. Humanity moved out once again into the infinite ocean of space, this time to stay. New York Times best-selling author James P. Hogan shows that even on a frontier planet like Mars, there'll still be crime-and...