Обложка книги Bugs


ISBN: 0595297633;
Издательство: Backinprint.com
Страниц: 400

Book DescriptionNobody could have imagined that information technology, the towering colossus that dominates our world, would meet its match in an innocent, six-year-old girl named Daphne. Yet the vengeful horror that this psychically gifted child lures out of the secret recesses of the world's computers rapidly grows into a global calamity. As the crisis deepens, powers darker and more mysterious than modern science can understand must be invoked in order to defend a threatened humanity. In Bugs ,Theodore Roszak offers a tour de force exercise in science fiction. He ingeniously combines the divergent worlds of high tech, the occult, and feminist psychology. With admirable ambiguity, he leaves us to wonder if Daphne's "bugs" -- these arcaneforces that stubbornly resist the advance of technology -- are mankind's enemies or allies.