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Dennis J. Barton

Red Star 3: Ascendance

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ISBN: 0595296882
Издательство: iUniverse
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 338
Book DescriptionWelcome to the year 2112. Religion and technology have been leveraged to control the minds and lives of humankind. Truth is a lie. Oppression is the rule. 2112: The living spirit of Almighty Harold asserts its power in Megadon. The new Vice Chancellor, Thomas O. Ryan, races to save David Lifeson and Mal from the lethal Colonel-become-Bishop Compaq. Surgeon General Wang kidnaps DavidA?s mother, Magenta, without any idea who or what she truly is or the danger she represents. Uncle Robert delves into a mysterious file containing a journal describing his brother BillyA?s perilous journey through the black hole of Cygnus X-1. 2047: Michael Lifeson defends teenaged Harold from assassination attempts while Maggie and Robert strike out to unravel the true motives of the young religious leader and discover in New Imperial Japan the roots of a dark plot with earth-shattering implications. Inspired by the works of Rush, Red...
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