Обложка книги The Adventures of Darkeye: Cyber Hunter

The Adventures of Darkeye: Cyber Hunter

ISBN: 0595298958;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 222

Book DescriptionThe time is the 23rd Century. The threat of computer viruses, each more advanced than the last, looms ever higher. But one in particular, an intelligent computer virus born of A.I. research, doesn't just attack computers, but infects people, turning them into Cybers, zombie-like killers. It's the mission of ex-Navy SEAL Daniel Darkeye to protect the populace from this spreading menace. For him and his sexy partner-in-arms Raven Blackheart, it's a chance for vegeance on the living plague that destroyed everything and everyone they cared for. Herewith are the secretly obtained logs detailing the greatest and most secret of wars humankind has ever fought.

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Book Description<div>Each of the eight different scenes