Обложка книги The Embracer

The Embracer

ISBN: 0595294995;
Издательство: iUniverse
Страниц: 152

Book DescriptionImagine a world without gender rolesA?and even without gender itself. This is the emerging reality in the world of the early 2040s. Harris, a talented but despondent software engineer, spends his free time chasing the latest rage in consciousness-expansion, usually a mixture of cyberpharmaceutical products and outrageous public spectacles. His mundane life takes an unexpected turn when he lands a high position at the BrainHost company, located at the pinnacle of world culture, the CityTech urban agglomeration. Harris discovers that in CityTech, romance is being replaced by the A?coital matrix,A? where every stage of the process is preplanned and engineered. Meanwhile, BrainHost and others are experimenting with the implantation of male and female sexual organs inside the body of a single person, while eliminating all traces of gender. This self-contained humanA?the embracerA?is seen by its creators as...