Обложка книги The Schoenberg Agenda

The Schoenberg Agenda

ISBN: 1589394534;
Издательство: Virtualbookworm.com Publishing
Страниц: 312

Book DescriptionPR Salesman Clinton Schoenberg teams up with psychotherapist Erica Chovy, assembling a group of people to work towards Earths expansion into space. Investigating Clinton?s background, Erica can find no record of him earlier than two years ago. Plagued by saboteurs, Harrison Schlegl?s fusion power research team develops the first UFO. His avionics engineer Alex Garabadino is abducted into the future during an off world mission to set up Moonbase. A small alien spaceship landson Mars, then a starship carrying a million passengers arrives. Destitute farmer Dan Whittaker agrees to work in space. He moves his family to the giant alien vessel light years from their former home and uncovers the crime of technology trader Leighton Carmody, who has stolen a living microchip from the starship?s incomprehensible control system to clone a dangerous new genetic entity in his suburban laboratory. Facing the extraordinary truth about his origins, Schoenberg...