Обложка книги The Stasis Option

The Stasis Option

ISBN: 1594050368;
Издательство: New Age World Publishing
Страниц: 398

Book DescriptionLive the Life of a Cop in the Mid-21st Century! See if you can survive! "Slop Cop" was what he and those like him were called. When the LAPD of 2051 needed a man for a really nasty job Sgt. Les Burnham couldn?t volunteer fast enough. If Public Enemy #1 was the quarry, Burnham was sure to get him as well as an innocent bystander or two. There are so many people in Burnham?s Los Angeles that another corpse or two makes no difference. During a regular police action against narcoterrorists, Burnham comes across a corpse with no identity. Burnham?s quest for that identity leads him into uncovering a nightmare worldwide conspiracy against the natural progress of humanity where every stranger may be an assassin looking just for him. Pursued by his suspicions and turncoats within the LAPD, Burnham flees his home with his only real friends, his girlfriend and his sentient Patrol Flyer. His eventual capture after being named himself as Public Enemy...