Обложка книги Time Closets

Time Closets

ISBN: 1591297869;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 176

Book DescriptionFrom the beginning, men have courted terror by embracing monsters real and imagined. From a dark inborn need, the human creature anticipates fright with relish despite pretense otherwise. Foolish, he falsely imagines himself immune from lasting consequence, a notion that has claimed more victims than history recounts. With the advent of professed intellectual enlightenment in the modern world, scientists have unwittingly stumbled upon a new breeding ground for terror. Genetics. This is the story of one genetic experiment that spawned a monster, a mutant controlled by a man who eclipses time, as we cannot. A man bent on undoing order. Left unchecked, the balance that holds insanity at bay is lost. One soul holds the key to conquer that dark entity, but will he recognize his destiny in time? Will this be the final face-off between the two, or do further centuries of conflict await them both? Time will tell.