Обложка книги Wink


ISBN: 0595259251;
Издательство: Writer's Showcase Press
Страниц: 340

Book DescriptionEnter the world of two high tech nomads, leap job-to-job in their shoes, until finding those who need you more than you want to know... Wink is the humorous yet profound story of two post-dot-com software developers. Prostituted by their placement pimp Sally, the two work only to benefit their bank accounts. Their fickle loyalty catches-up with them when they are offered the opportunity to establish a software development firm for a distinguished gentlemen s club. Now bosses insteadof overly-demanding developers, roles suddenly reversed, they must quickly find bill-able hours for their quirky new staff and build the work environment of their dreams; but one that is actually productive. They soon realize that the company and technology they have created is being used for greed Even more rampant than their own. Now they must make the first important decision of their otherwise worthless careers, and live or die with the consequences

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