Обложка книги Chronicle of the Liberator

Chronicle of the Liberator

ISBN: 0595324975;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 162

Book DescriptionA fish out of water... Thomas Richard Jackson, a mundane man, with mundane aspirations, living a mundane existence, until an alien snatches him from a bad situation, transporting the human to his ship. Thomas discovers that he is no mere guest. The alien has big plans for him, plans that include transforming Thomas from a wimp to a hard-nosed killer. Why? Because the alien intends to send the human to assassinate the leader of a powerful interstellar empire. Since Thomas has never harmed a fly, the idea of him being an assassin troubles him greatly. But to refuse, is to condemn Earth to a vicious conquest, its inhabitants to enslavement. What choice does Thomas have? Earth's fate rests on his shoulders. But first he must survive the alien's intense (to say the least) training. Because it won't matter if Thomas survives the mission... so long as he is successful! This fish out of water will have to grow some teeth, and fast! Download...

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