Обложка книги Code Compression

Code Compression

ISBN: 1413713122;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 206

Book DescriptionDeRenz and Momazaki are on the trail of a killer?a mind-altering software program titled Mirage. The software ended the life of an Enzacom Corp. employee and nearly got to DeRenz?s love interest, liquid-crystal-eyed Maggie Gills. Wanda Harkson, host of the cop show Badges with Ovaries, finds out how to manufacture Mirage. Now she has a plan. Taiko is a woman who appears to be constructed from liquid mercury. She has access to data from past, present, and future. Created through the World?s Accumulation of Data, she wishes to learn more of humans. Mika and Urban are two girls with a nylon and vinyl fashion sense. They?re both into the H.I.P.s Avengers, the all-girl video crime fighters from Japan. The two stumble onto their role to aid mankind. How they?re going to achieve this, they?re not exactly sure. Beeman, a stray Pug, is the one essential they need for success.