Обложка книги Isaac Project

Isaac Project

ISBN: 0877143358;
Издательство: Denlinger's Publishers Ltd
Страниц: 212

Book DescriptionPerhaps you've read science-fiction or seen movies such as The Terminator featuring human-like robots. Is the creation of such a creature possible with today's technology? What if a high tech corporation decided to build one? Could it? What would the impact be on our society? What would be the philosophical and political issues associated with the creation of a mechanical intelligence in the form of a human being? The Isaac Project tries to answer these questions. It is the story of the creation of a humanoid robot using artificial intelligence technology available today. It handles the research and development aspect of such a project in a realistic manner with believable characters. The major characters are: GERI CHRANOWSKI, a strong-willed robotics expert and ambitious woman whose drive to climb the corporate ladder makes enemies of her underlings and ruins her love life. JACK WESTCOTT, a scientist, whose passionate pacifism and his fight to keep his young mistress...