Обложка книги An Introduction to Intellectual Property: Essays and Materials

An Introduction to Intellectual Property: Essays and Materials

ISBN: 0595329276;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 200

It is not easy to prevent others from using your ideas or information for gain unless you use the sophisticated and esoteric legal techniques of intellectual property law. Copyright, which is especially important, is a form of protection afforded to many different types of work. Copyright protection for literary work is well known, and this regime also applies to musical and artistic works, broadcasts, sound and video recordings and typographical arrangements. An Introduction to Intellectual Property , an introduction to topics in intellectual property law by the unusual method of using moots, mock trials, questions and answers and essays, is not a textbook. It serves to interest the inquisitive without going into the deep law of IP. It will certainly encourage the reader to read an IP textbook and help students when faced with a decision to choose the subject for study.