Обложка книги Don Simpson's Megaton Man Volume 1

Don Simpson's Megaton Man Volume 1

ISBN: 0743497589;
Издательство: IBooks
Страниц: 176

Book Description Don Simpson might be better known today as a contributing artist to Al Franken's non-fiction book Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them, for which he drew a number of comic book-style stories based on Franken's scripts. But long before that bestseller hit bookstores, Simpson had made a name for himself in the comic book industry as the writer and artist of the critically acclaimed series Megaton Man-one ibooks now presents in the first of a proposed series of graphic novel collections. Megaton Man is an outrageous and loony satire of the superhero genre. The origins of Megaton Man are shrouded in mystery. Some say he was bitten by a radioactive frog, others that he was a guinea pig in a top secret government megasoldier program. Regardless, one-time normal civilian Trent Phloog now has superpowers and is Megaton Man! Armed with a highly developed sense of justice, superhumanly developed biceps, and a brain the size of a pea, Megaton Man strides through the city...