Обложка книги The Rhesus Factor

The Rhesus Factor

ISBN: 1554042259;
Издательство: Double Dragon Publishing
Страниц: 264

Download Description [From the author of Stargate: SG.1-- CITY OF THE GODS] The news is full of global warming speculation. The US government is under attack for its stance on greenhouse emissions yet in the background, away from the camera's eye, the real world is in decay. The Rhesus Factor is fiction, but it is up to the reader to determine just how much so, for all the issues are real the research and outcomes are happening now, yet no one seems to notice or care. Have we really reached the point of no return? Coupled with the latest scientific research conducted by Washington experts, this book is closer to fact than we realise and there is very little we can do to change the future. Marine engineer Kristin Baker advises the Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu on environmentally sustainable development projects. After meeting US Navy Commander Nicholas Page, she discovers her unwitting role in the Exodus Project, a scheme to protect the West's interests in...