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Dionne M. Muhammad

Beyond the Red Carpet: Keys to becoming a successful personal assistant

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ISBN: 1418466719
Издательство: Authorhouse
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 132
Often seen as the "supporting-cast" in the lives of high profile celebrities and businessmen; Personal Assistants do more than run mere errands these days. These machines of modern business are a hybrid of secretary, project manager and confidante to their employer. PA's are demanding more responsibility, autonomy and recognition. And they're getting it. Beyond the Red Carpet provides those seeking information on how to get into this field with the requisite information to be triumphant. It also serves as a continuing education resource for working PA's. Key attributes and skills that set today's PA apart are: high level of commercial understanding PR and communication skills flexibility and initiative ability to manage projects intuition and empathy commitment to the organization working 'beyond the job description' understanding that your role is 'beyond the red carpet' Complete with tips, case studies and specific how-to information, this provides a road-map that is sure to lead...
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