Обложка книги Generations of Rust

Generations of Rust

ISBN: 141371997X;
Издательство: PublishAmerica
Страниц: 366

Book DescriptionThe master?s towers of glass and nutranium overtook the southwestern sky, attempting to challenge God into revealing himself to the manufactured world below. These poetic words sang inside the young mind of Silvestri, as he rode the monolift to work inside the primary district called Pavonis Pavillions. The day after tomorrow. The great American cities have merged into Mega-Plexes, titanic metropolises under the yoke of the most powerful corporations whose main currency is technology dependence and violence. Generations of Rust is a collection of stories based in the unforgiving world of tomorrow where its varied denizens, hackers, rocks stars, bounty hunters, dreamers and seekers search for their humanity in a dehumanized digital power-mad society. Journey into George Thirteen?s world of tomorrow, the next step in the evolution of cyberpunk literature, part classic literature, part Hollywood movie, part video game; Generations of Rust is an...

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