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George R.R. Martin

Wild Cards, Volume 16: Deuces Down (Wild Cards Vol XVI)

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ISBN: 1596872810
Издательство: iBooks, Inc
Год издания: 2005
Страниц: 320
Book Description On September 15, 1946, a biological weapon created by an alien race was accidentally detonated above the streets of New York City, killing countless numbers of men, women, and children. But those who survived the initial explosion soon began to wish they had died also, once they discovered they had been forever mutated by the virus unleashed in the blast. . . . When the first volume in the Wild Cards series made its debut in 1986, it caused a sensation in the science fiction and fantasy communities. Here were stories of superpowered beings in a real world setting, detailing the lives of ?Aces??those given superhuman powers by the ?Wild Cards? virus?and ?Jokers??those whom the virus transformed into freaks and monsters. Over the course of fifteen volumes, the world created by editor George R.R. Martin and some of SF?s most talented writers was explored through the eyes of both Aces and Jokers across the globe. In this...
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