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Andrew Ballantyne

Architectures: Modernism and After (New Interventions in Art History)

Обложка книги Architectures: Modernism and After (New Interventions in Art History)

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ISBN: 0631229442, 9780631229445
Издательство: Blackwell Publishers
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 256
Book DescriptionArchitectures: Modernism and After surveys the history of the building from the advent of industrialization to the cultural imperatives of the present moment. The collection of essays brings together international art and architectural historians to consider a range of topics that have influenced the shape, profile, and aesthetics of the built environment from 1851 to the present time, showing how buildings and our responses to them are embedded in the cultural process and the ethics of production. This volume presents crucial "moments" in the history of the field when the architecture of the past is made to respond to new and changing cultural circumstances. In doing so, Architectures: Modernism and After provides a view of architectural history as part of a continuing dialogue between aesthetic criteria and social and cultural imperatives.