Обложка книги London: Bread and Circuses

London: Bread and Circuses

ISBN: 1859844642;
Издательство: Verso
Страниц: 147

Book DescriptionA beguiling combination of anecdote, analysis, and opinion, London: Bread and Circuses is Jonathan Glancey's personal and political take on a city he loves. Wherever and whenever state and church, state and autocracy, political and architectural ambition have met and loved one another hungrily, domes have raised their imperious, lofty heads. At once magnificent and messy, old-fashioned and ultra-modern, opulent and squalid, London is something of a mongrel city, cross-bred over the centuries from cut-throat commerce, high finance and unrestrained creativity. For all its inventiveness, however, it is now also a city unable to provide its citizens with decent public transport, housing or services, beset and betrayed by governments who take from it but refuse to give back. In the lead-up to the much-hyped Millennium, a fortune was spent on lavish building projects?giant wheels, great courts, titanic art galleries, ambitious museums, a Brobdingnagian...