Обложка книги Six Architects (Arquitectura Contemporanea)

Six Architects (Arquitectura Contemporanea)

ISBN: 9588156092;
Издательство: Villegas Editores
Страниц: 240

Book DescriptionIn this extraordinary book we see the work of six Guatemalan architects, six creative voices who, in an individual or collective form, have redefined and given a poetic spatial quality to the contemporary architecture of their country. Members of the firm known, quite simply, as "Seis Arquitectos" (Peter Giesemann, Carlos M. Lara, Raul Minondo, Ernesto Porras, Rodolfo Solares, Rafael Tinoco), they are exponents of a style with a minimalist touch and a strong commitment to the value of theabstract, the geometrically pure and the spatially rich. Without falling into a reductionist posture, their design proposals seek a primal purity based on ideas which emphasize that form and space shape and adjust themselves to function, without superficial ornamentation, nor the utilization of rigid axes, nor the imposition of classical orders. Guided by a romantic minimalism, they give a frank expression to the structure that delineates the different ambits they create,...