Обложка книги Surface Consciousness (Architectural Design)

Surface Consciousness (Architectural Design)

ISBN: 047084843X;
Издательство: Academy Press
Страниц: 128

Book Description "Surface" is the current buzz-word in contemporary architecture and is the main focus of some of today’s most cutting-edge and exciting architectural projects. This new issue of Architectural Design intends to bring its readers to a new surface consciousness. This new edition of the cutting-edge Architectural Design brings together a number of emergent works that reflect the idea that surface is more than just a crust or merely a structure onto which architectural work is built. It expresses the notion that surface is becoming increasingly important as it poses new ways of seeing the world, physically and theoretically. Provides coverage of cutting edge architecture and theoretical articles Incorporating some of the most recent digital and technical advances this is AD keeping its finger on the pulse of progress Includes some of the world leading theoreticians and...