Обложка книги Event-Cities 3 : Concept vs. Context vs. Content

Event-Cities 3 : Concept vs. Context vs. Content

ISBN: 0262701103; 9780262701105;
Издательство: The MIT Press
Страниц: 640

In Event-Cities 3 , Bernard Tschumi explores the complex and productive triangulation of architectural concept, context, and content. There is no architecture without a concept, an overriding idea that gives coherence and identity to a building. But there is also no architecture without context -- historical, geographical, cultural -- or content (what happens inside). Concept, context, and content may be in unison or purposely discordant. Against the contextualist movement of the 1980s and 1990s, which called for architecture to blend in with its surroundings, Tschumi argues that buildings may or may not conform to their settings -- but that the decision should always be strategic. Through documentation of recent projects -- including the new Acropolis Museum in Athens, a campus athletic center in Cincinnati, museums in Sao Paolo, New York, and Antwerp, concert halls in France, and a speculative urban project in Beijing -- Tschumi examines different ways that...

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