Обложка книги Geocat: Territorial Loops/Territoris Enllacats

Geocat: Territorial Loops/Territoris Enllacats

ISBN: 8460908666; 978-84-609-0866-1;
Издательство: Actar
Страниц: 280

Book Description GeoCat sets out to follow the tradition of charting or map-making as the capturing of visual records of a territory--in this case, Catalonia--where the force of the urban seems to presage imminent transformation in its environment.Catalonia is a heterogeneous and plural territory, rich and diverse. The visualization of the multiple facets and fragments that make up this territory offered by GeoCat evidences the richness of this diversity, but also manifests the need for theeffective management of its disequilibriums and the permanent transformation it is subjected to by human activity. These photographs by Laura Cantarella lend themselves to a curious ambiguity: presented in a super-panoramic format (represented here by more than 40 4-page color gatefolds), they deploy themselves before us like a vast register of extended horizons, diverse, changing, varied. However, when we hold the edges of the picture in our fingers and bend it until they meet, we...