Обложка книги Oase #65: Ornament

Oase #65: Ornament

ISBN: 9056624091;
Издательство: NAI Publishers
Страниц: 143

Book DescriptionThis issue of OASE examines how figurative architectural traditions can contribute to understanding historic dimensions that affect the everyday lives of contemporary Europeans, especially in the Netherlands, a place that has contributed to all forms of modernism and is at present involved in an uneasy and moralistic debate on its own traditions. Set against the background of artistic production in a highly eclectic age, the limited range of references explored by many architects and their focus on the forms and models of modernism produced after the 1920s, are remarkably interesting and compelling. Edited by Christoph Grafe, Mark Pimlot and Mechthild Stuhlmacher. Essays by Adam Caruso, Irina Davidovici, Tony Fretton, Mikel Van Gelderen and Patrick Healy. Paperback, 6.5 x 9.5 in./128 pgs / 40 b&w.