Обложка книги Charleston Architecture: 1670-1860

Charleston Architecture: 1670-1860

ISBN: 0941711684;
Издательство: Wyrick & Company
Страниц: 1000

Book DescriptionThis book is about how a consistently high standard of excellence was achieved in Charleston architecture in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Regardless of what style Charleston's architects used-Greek or Roman, Gothic or Renaissance, Adamesque or Greek Revival-they were in agreement about what constituted excellence. Special emphasis is placed on the knowledge that was required to create Charleston's early architecture. An introduction discusses the writings and buildings of Andrea Palladio, Robert Adam, A. Welby Pugin, and other influential architects. Sources of inspiration for Charleston buildings have included specific buildings in Greece, Italy, England, France and Germany. Whenever possible, primary sources of information were used to determine how various types of Charleston buildings were designed and constructed. A dozen of the city's best-documented buildings are considered in detail as a basis for comparison: Houses: a list of all expenses to...