Обложка книги Jetliner Cabins

Jetliner Cabins

ISBN: 0470851651; 9780470851654;
Издательство: Academy Press
Страниц: 192

Book Description An essential source of practical information for architects who need to create brilliance and flair within an incredibly disciplined design scenario This is a visual and fascinating book that focuses on the interior designs of aircraft cabins and how the many challenges faced in the layout of such a tight space can be met with flair and brilliance. It is a design context in which the tiniest detail can change a myriad of aspects. Interior designers continuously express their creative skills through such designs and many of the techniques that are used in building interiors are repeated in aircraft cabins, and vice versa. Jetliner Cabins is introduced by an overview of recent cabin design history and the book goes on to show, in a wealth of colour and black and white photographs, interiors from airlines around the world; great and small, historically significant and modern, lavish and minimal. It...

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