Обложка книги Town Spaces

Town Spaces

ISBN: 3764369426;
Издательство: Birkhauser
Страниц: 288

Book DescriptionIn response to the sense of crisis in today?s towns the proponents of new traditionalism offer a form of urban planning which looks back to more traditional styles whilst firmly integrating the requirements of modern life. Their designs are characterised by a sense of public spirit, identification and order. The contributions in this book reveal how these principles relate to the specific European city in the 20th century as well as to the writings of theoreticians from Camillo Sitteup to Rem Koolhaas. The authors reveal why the provocatively conservative approach has enjoyed so much success. They draw comparisons with the New Urbanism found in the USA and develop a systematic approach to town planning. The examples from the Krier Kohl office demonstrate in detail the design process up to the architectural realization by architects such as Michael Graves and Cesar Pelli. They show that new traditionalism in urban planning can fruitfully work together with a wide...

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