Обложка книги Transsolar - Climate Engineering

Transsolar - Climate Engineering

ISBN: 376430751X;
Издательство: Birkhauser
Страниц: 256

Book DescriptionWhy not actively incorporate the natural climate into the design of a building? Why not exploit the potential of natural ventilation? Why not use sun blinds to collect solar energy? Intelligent climate-engineering aims to design aesthetically pleasing buildings with low energy consumption, economical maintenance and reduced production costs. One of the most successful climate engineering firms is Transsolar Energietechnik in Stuttgart, who have acted as consultants to prominent architectssuch as Ben van Berkel, Murphy / Jahn, Frank O. Gehry, Auer+Weber, Behnisch & Partner, and James Carpenter. This book provides an aesthetic overview of Transsolar?s integrated building and energy concepts covering aspects such as load-bearing structures, heat and ventilation systems, light planning, and facade construction. It includes contributions by architects who have made use of Transsolar?s concepts and an extensive glossary of technical terms.

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