Обложка книги Cities People Planet : Liveable Cities for a Sustainable World

Cities People Planet : Liveable Cities for a Sustainable World

ISBN: 0470852844; 9780470852842;
Издательство: Academy Press
Страниц: 304

Book DescriptionThere is a huge amount of interest in the future of the planet and how architecture and design can contribute to this. This book considers the ecological design of the city and includes ideas and best practice examples of ecological architectural and urban design around the world. The tone of the book is extremely accessible as it demonstrates how small changes in one area of the world can have impacts elsewhere. It gives an optimistic view and leaves the reader fascinated at the intricacies of the planet's ecosystems and how architecture and urban design can affect it. Examples range from Ladbroke Grove solar city in London to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Copenhagen, Curitiba, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Helsinki, Portland Oregon, New York and New Delhi It is an extremely well rounded book with a balance of focus across history and around the world It is set to be a complete...