Обложка книги Emergence : Morphogenetic Design Strategies (Architectural Design)

Emergence : Morphogenetic Design Strategies (Architectural Design)

ISBN: 0470866888; 9780470866887;
Издательство: Academy Press
Страниц: 128

Book DescriptionEmergence is an important new concept in artificial intelligence, information theory, digital technology, economics, climate studies, material science and biometric engineering. It is a development which is set to inform not only the construction of buildings, but also the composition of new materials. As a new science, coupled with material and technological innovations, it is set to enter architecture into a new phase of transition. This book presents an account of related developments in artificial intelligence and evolutionary computation, and shows how these developments are being incorporated into new architectures. This book marks the introduction of a new topic in design Includes high quality CAD images Accompanies a travelling exhibition, showing in Oslo and Copenhagen Includes interviews with Frei Otto and a review of the Advanced Geometry Group at Ove Arup and Partners

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