Обложка книги Venice Extraordinary Maintenance

Venice Extraordinary Maintenance

ISBN: 1903470129;
Издательство: Paul Holberton Publishing
Страниц: 240

Book DescriptionThis book is the first informed overview of the restoration Venice has undergone in the last two hundred years, from the Austrian occupation to today. A great deal changed after the Fall of the Republic in 1797; how much is not realized by its visitors. Readers of this book will never look upon Venice?s streets, houses, and canals in the same way again. This book is a sobering, informative, critical history, both sympathetically and caustically explaining the viewpoint of the nineteenth-century restorers and illustrating to devastating effect how the same mentality continues to this day. One special virtue of the book is to explain to English-language readers what would otherwise be the impenetrable secrets of modern Italian building legislation and practice. It is essential reading for those concerned with conservation worldwide, but also for lovers of the city who would like to gain a better idea of the reality of the numerous works of "extraordinary...