Обложка книги Ephemeral City : Cite Looks at Houston

Ephemeral City : Cite Looks at Houston

ISBN: 029270187X;
Издательство: University of Texas Press
Страниц: 328

Book DescriptionPraise for Cite: The Architecture and Design Review of Houston "I find Cite to be thorough, imaginative, always stimulating, and responsive to the diversity of the Houston community. I hope to see it continue--I hope to see it flourish."--Larry McMurtry "Cite is one of the liveliest and most interesting journals on architecture and urbanism that is being produced today." --Robert Bruegmann, Professor and Chair, Art History Department and School of Architecture, University of Illinois at Chicago "Cite has become an important national publication, for it situates local and regional culture within the context of national and global issues. Thus it provides an antidote to provincialism, on the one hand, and to excessively abstract globalism on the other. Put differently, Cite proves that local concerns need not be parochial, while national or global trends have multiple variations." --Gwendolyn Wright, Professor, Graduate School of Architecture and Planning, Columbia...