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T. J. Freeman

Has Your House Got Cracks?: Second Edition: A Homeowner's Guide to Subsidence and Heave Damage

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ISBN: 0727730894
Издательство: Thomas Telford Services Ltd
Год издания: 2003
Страниц: 128
Book DescriptionThis guide provides practical guidance for homeowners whose properties have been affected by subsidence, or heave, or who are concerned by the potential risk of damage. The first, best-selling, edition dealt specifically with the problemsassociated with properties founded on shrinkable clay soils, and was reprinted many times. The second edition has been expanded to include sections on other types of subsidence and causes of damage that are unrelated to foundation movement. It also looksat the potential problems that can arise when buying or selling a property that has previously been affected by subsidence. Contents include: Frequently asked questions; Causes of cracking; Causes of subsidence and heave; How your house is built; Preventing Damage; Subsidence to a neighbouring property; Recognizing subsidence damage; Making a claim; The investigation; Monitoring The solution; Does my house need to be underpinned?; Different types of underpinning; Having the work done;...