Обложка книги Dealing With Builders

Dealing With Builders

ISBN: 0595363512;
Издательство: iUniverse, Inc.
Страниц: 105

Book Description Dealing With Builders is a comprehensive how-to manual for both novice and seasoned buyers of homes. The book walks a prospective purchaser, step by step, through the myriad stages, financial arrangements, and documents with which he or she will have to develop a comprehensive familiarity in order to shepherd the process of building a new home or buying an existing one to a successful conclusion. It also introduces the reader to the various professionals ? including foremen, supervisors, salespersons, lenders, and others ? whose interactions with a buyer and with each other must be carefully synchronized. It explains the argot of the construction industry term by term, and it includes worksheets, checklists, charts, and alitany of do?s and don?t?s that if faithfully applied will transform a new home purchaser into a skilled negotiator.

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