Обложка книги Vienna: Architecture And Design (And Guides)

Vienna: Architecture And Design (And Guides)


ISBN: 3832790268;
Издательство: Te Neues Publishing Company
Страниц: 192

200 color photographs and Plans. Text in English, German, French and Spanish. Vienna's once exalted status as the showpiece of an empire is reflected in the elegance and monumentality of its architecture. But behind and beyond the stately facades, design innovations are transforming interiors and resulting in exciting new residential and commercial buildings being constructed at the city's edges. This user-friendly little guide profiles some of the most notable projects built during the last few years and includes color photographs and a site map. Another in teNeues' authoritative series of pocket guides to recent architecture in cities around the world. Includes color photographs and a site map for easy use by tourists and professionals alike.

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